About Us

Customer Service

At Lee Products Company we take pride in our unmatched quality, consistency and service, and back up our claims with actions. Orders always ship complete, on time and accurately. And we treat every customer with the respect and courtesy they deserve, handling all calls and inquiries with friendly, helpful customer service representatives.

Innovation will always be the driving force behind Lee Products Company. And as we move forward, we’ll continue to exceed your expectations by developing quality products that make life and work easier.


At Lee Products Company we’re continually focused on the big picture. That includes considering the environment when it comes to the development of our products. That’s why we utilize energy-efficient equipment throughout our facility and all plastic used during our injection molding process is recycled plastic. Excess material as well as discarded paper is also recycled. As a committed, eco-friendly corporation, we continue to look for ways to maintain, improve and expand this long-term initiative.

Work Force Diversity & Commitment to Our Employees

Lee Products Company is committed to maintaining a diverse, equal opportunity workforce. We believe the most valuable asset we have is our people. And in order for us to carry out corporate initiatives, we must have happy, secure, engaged and committed workers. We’re proud to say that the positive morale and degree of fulfillment in our employees has led to an average tenure of over 16 years.

Community Involvement

Lee Products Company is a long-time supporter of the local community. Whether it’s through the local Rotary Club Membership, community donations or United Way contributions, we’re committed to supporting local businesses, neighborhoods and residents.