Micro Gel Grips

The fun little grips for yourfingertips!

Because no one should have to lick their fingers to get a grip.

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Grips that can go wherever you go.

Who Buys & Why

Tellers, cashiers, mailroom clerks, teachers, administrators, CPA’s, attorneys and anyone who handles paper or money. Crafter’s use for quilting, sewing and knitting.

Handling paper can dry your skin making counting, sorting and filing difficult. Comfortable grips reduce hand fatigue. NO ONE should lick their fingers to get a grip.

Customer Reviews

"I love these finger grips! They are so much better than the old ones that used to fall off your finger. I don’t have to take it off to type either! Most of the time I don’t even realize I have it on. So thank you from someone who goes through tons of paperwork!"
Sandra S.
Administration at Nestlé

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