Clean-Ups® Premoistened Wipes

When using soap and water are not available

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Clean-Ups® Premoistened Wipes

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Clean-Ups are specially formulated to quickly remove ink and copier toner from hands or hard surfaces without the use of water. Clean-Ups are versatile and can also be used to clean desktops, machines, tools, and other hard surfaces as well as gentle enough for skin to remove permanent ink. Hygienic wipes contains 15% alcohol, so they also serve as an antibacterial hand cleaner. Our package of 60 Eco sized 3” pads uses less waste, sealed on poly bag to not dry out!

Who buys? Cashiers, Tellers, Clerical, Accounting, Architects, Lawyers, Teachers, and Administrators.

Why? Gentle formula lightly scented does not dry skin as it contains 2 moisturizers.


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60 – 3" pads


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