Ergo-style Sortkwik® Hygienic Fingertip Moistener

The hygienic alternative to licking your fingers.

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Ergo-style Sortkwik® Hygienic Fingertip Moistener

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Improve your speed and accuracy when counting, sorting and handling paper or currency. Sortkwik Ergo provides moisture for a positive grip which lessens tension and hand fatigue. Our new ergo-style container is canted with convex shape to expose more product surface for even quicker results. Container is made from material derived from plants. Formula contains anti-microbial ingredient.

Who buys? Tellers, cashiers, mailroom clerks, teachers, administrators, CPA’s, attorneys and anyone who handles paper or money.

Why? Handling paper can dry out your skin, making counting, sorting and filing difficult. No one should have to lick their fingers to get a grip.


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