Sortkwik® Hygienic Fingertip Moistener

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The hygienic alternative to licking your fingers.

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Sortkwik® Hygienic Fingertip Moistener


Sortkwik is the long-lasting fingertip grip enhancer. It works by keeping the end of the finger moistened for positive contact with surfaces and materials, so you never have to lick your fingers again. The result is quick, easy and accurate counting and sorting. Perfect for bank tellers, cashiers, office administrators and more. Sortkwik’s non-staining formula is safe, hygienic and non-toxic.

Who buys? Tellers, cashiers, mailroom clerks, teachers, administrators, CPA’s, attorneys and anyone who handles paper or money.

Why? Handling paper can dry out your skin, making counting, sorting and filing difficult. No one should have to lick their fingers to get a grip.


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231 reviews for Sortkwik® Hygienic Fingertip Moistener

  1. manpat

    i typically get so many paper cuts and this is perfect. feels hydrating so it helps heals the current paper cuts and ensures i won’t get any more in the future. perfect for office related jobs requiring paper work.

  2. Redbella

    Working in healthcare administration I go through loads of paperwork daily and Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener has allowed me to sort it all with greater ease and speed. I love that this product is non-toxic, odorless and won’t stain skin, paper or clothes.Definitely gets two thumbs up from me!!

  3. mamawilhelm

    This is a wonderful product. I work in an office and this is my go to for many of my daily projects. Very easy to use and works very well. Doesn’t really leave a residue which is great. Highly recommend.

  4. Miaxo

    I have decide I needed a little help and have tried the Sortkwick fingertip moistener, it is a really great product And used between your Thump and Forefinger. I learnt about this product from a friend and it made her job counting much faster and time saving and it really helps. I hope you try it and like it as well.

  5. Shortk

    The Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is a must have for any office job. I use this daily to help me shuffle papers in billing quickly. I can tap my fingers in the container and it lasts for a while to help me quickly sort.

  6. Captain Rosie

    The Sortkwik Finger Moistener is a must for anyone who sorts. I can’t tell you how many times I have been at a grocery store or bank and witnessed a clerk lick their fingers to separate dollar bills. At anytime and especially during Covid, I find this to be repulsive. The Sortkwik is an easy solution to making separating simple. I have been using these products for years in my own office when separating paperwork. This is a must for every household, grocery store and office worker!

  7. hollisters

    I have this sitting right on my desk! I work from home and this item is key~ I am always going through papers and envelopes and really hate when I would have to lick my finger just to keep going, because the papers were making it so dry! But this stuff is a true blessing! Use it daily and it lasts too!

  8. anonymous

    Got this product because I always have a difficult time sorting through all the documents on my desk and there are many. I don’t like rubber fingers and with COVID and the flu I don’t like wetting my finger in my mouth. This is the perfect solution and allows me to spend hundreds of documents at a time without the pages sticking. Wonderful product.

  9. dieseltdi

    Nice to have for pandemic times and not having to lick your fingers to keep them moist. small size doesnt take up a lot of room on the desk and easy to take with you on the go. lasts long and doesnt dry up

  10. Patti767

    I love this product. Easy to use, was able to use for awhile before needing to use again. No scent. At work I am filing constantly, this made it easy to get through the piles of papers. The only down fall was I had trouble opening the container.

  11. anonymous

    I’ve been used Sortkwik for 20 years, and I don’t know what I would do without it. I don’t think I can count money without using Sortkwik, I especially like the small containers. I keep one in my pocket and I’m ready instantly to count or sort hard to separate paper. It’s odorless and I don’t feel like I have to wash my hands afterward. I love this stuff!!

  12. Janpower

    This is an easy to use product and so worth it. In today’s world where we have Covid and other illnesses it’s important we stop licking our fingers to count money, flip pages, etc. All you do is rub a finger and your thumb across the product, rub the finger and thumb together and you’re ready to go. It’s not sticky and you don’t know you’re wearing it. I highly recommend it!

  13. Kan9595

    Where has this been all my life I will continue to buy this. I am a house cleaner. Due to my job being a house cleaner I constantly have wet hands as well as wearing gloves so they tend to dry and crack easily. I use this before and after washing my hands when I’m done cleaning a home and my fingertips my cuticles my knuckle area all thank me.

  14. Tracey12

    This product is of great health with dry hard worked hands and fingers. This is easy and no mess product. This does work and helps with any cracking on my fingers. I would recommend this product to anyone that works outside and has dry hands.

  15. marie@12

    I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I would recommend it. When I first tried it, it did not work. But then I decided I should read the directions on how to use it. And I found it really does give your fingers a good grip leafing through papers.

  16. Momjonas

    I love to read and im constantly going through, sorting out papers at work so of course i had to try sortkwik fingertip moistener. It works great! Very easy to use and it gives a much better grip. With all these sicknesses we dont want to just lick our fingertips any more. It is hygienic and very long lasting.

  17. Greeneyedlady212

    I do a lot of filing at work and use this for sorting paperwork and flipping through it. I just swipe my thumb and middle finger on the Sortkwik and it makes flipping through stacks of paper much easier. A little goes a long way! This is not sticky and does not leave any kind of color or residue on your fingers. It also fits nicely in my drawer at work. I get a lot use out of this product and overall, I am very happy with it!

  18. Tina

    The finger moistener was sent to me for a review and working in the office, I found opportunities to test it out. It helps with going through documents, but I’d warn to be careful not to stain important documents with the moistener.

  19. andrewt

    This is really helpful to keep in my office, or before heading to the bank. I like that it has a carrying case that is easy to take where I need to. Its not messy or gross feeling, but helps to moisten my fingers to count money and file through paperwork without spreading germs.

  20. Lynn72

    This product works great for me. I use this almost daily and I love it!! It’s very helpful when I’m working. I will be getting more of these. I highly recommend this for home and work. It’s amazing for me!!

  21. MamaCC

    I use this everyday at work. Totally helps sort through large stacks of paperwork. But it also saves my fingertips from paper cuts. Doesn’t leave heavy residue and washes off easily. I have this at work and at home.

  22. trilesta

    I used this at work and it works really, really well. I always have a problem opening plastic bags at work but this product makes it so easy. No more making customers wait while I fight to open a bag.

  23. Amanda

    I am self employed and often times have a ton of paperwork to sort and file. Sortkwik’s Fingertip Moistener makes my life so much easier because I am able to get through my paperwork faster, without having to lick my fingers. I highly recommend this product for any one who works from home or in a office!

  24. Slamchamp

    I love the Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener! It has been so dry lately and I find myself licking my fingers a lot. I was happy to try something other than a wet sponge. With the Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener, it’s an easy swipe that provides me with enough moisture to handle many pieces of paper. I also forgot to put the cap back on one night and it had no evidence of drying the next day. I love the Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener.

  25. Jenn

    This product is amazing. To think that such a simple product could make working from home so much better. Don’t have to lick a finger to turn a page. I have stuck this product right on my desk so I don’t have to go looking for it. Perfect item for my desk.

  26. Mika88

    I am very pleased with this product. As my profession I deal with a lot of papers usually about 100 pages at a time and have to sort them out. This has helped me so much because before I would have to have a wet tissue sitting near me and when it dried up I have to get another one. The fingertip moistener works so well or I would say actually better than the wet tissue. Using this is more hygienic also where you will have clean money or paper. Anyone who deals with paper oftener money counting this is definitely a necessity.

  27. Papo

    I got this product to count money but then I decided to try it on some plastic bags. And it did pretty good. Plastic bags are always hard to get apart and I don’t like licking my fingers to separate with using this it work very good. Great product!

  28. HelloDolly

    This fingertip moistener is a must -have. Whether you’re thumbing through cash, papers, or any bulk paper product, this makes a tedious activity quicker and easier. Now if it could prevent paper cuts, it’d be that hg!

  29. JZee

    This is the sort of product you never really know that you need until you try it. I now carry it with me for whenever I might need it. It works great for separating grocery or product bags, for example. Also convenient when sorting papers, etc.

  30. Wroscoe

    I really enjoyed this product, it works well keeping your fingers moisturized working with paper, I have already ordered me more of this product and I have already recommend it to my friends and family Thank you Tryit for letting me test this product.

  31. Kyoung0618

    Working in the grocery store business I used to just wet a paper towel to moisten my fingertips to separate my money and to open plastic bags. It wasn’t the greatest look on my register but I needed to do it. I’m so happy to come across the Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener to use more effectively and its container looks so much better sitting on my register than a wet piece of paper towel. I feel so much safer using this product as it’s safe and hygienic. No more accidently licking my fingers to count change back to customers. No more fighting to get plastic bags open. Also it does not leave your fingertips feeling oily or anything. I really like this product.

  32. Slowfinger

    This product is almost like a butter, it is hard like a rock in cold weather, and my finger could not pick up enough and then it is too soft and sweats during hot weather, so my finger tends to pick up too much.

  33. June86

    This product is an absolute life saver! I cannot whatsoever work without a container of this on my desk. I use it constantly throughout my entire work shift. It makes sorting paper a breeze. Without Sortkwik, doing my job is a struggle. I’ve tried wetting a paper towel in place of this before when I ran out and it didn’t work for me. Nothing compares!

  34. girlie87

    I love how easy it is to use, and that it’s small and compact, perfect for when I am in the office and going through my paper work. I like that its so small, but seems like there is a lot of product, and will last me a bit.

  35. Vee79

    This product comes in handy for so many different uses- it helps with book pages while reading, counting money and hard to open plastic bags- it has a non-greasy feel with no residue, a little goes a long way! Great product.

  36. Molls

    Let me tell you this is a game changer I absolutely adore this product because it made my life easier. I used to ruin my fingertips as well as the papers around me trying to open them but now thanks to this my whole office uses them it’s just amazing

  37. dmnunnally

    I work at a print shop and we love this product !!!! We touch so much paper and having to sort and this fingertip moistener is amazing !!! I highly recommend if you read , or use a lot of paper products. It’s fantastic !

  38. JealousGull

    This is great to have on hand if you’re someone who deals with paperwork, money, does a lot of reading, etc. Product appears like a balm with a light pink tone. Easy to get the desired amount on fingertips. Soft textures that doesn’t feel greasy and dries quickly. Didn’t notice a scent with this. Will definitely be keeping this around.

  39. barb

    Thank you for my free sample of Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener when you work with paper all days you need something to help you turn the pages and this really worked great had a few of my friends at work give it a try and they really liked how it helped

  40. Todd123

    My fingers often get dry when dealing with counting money or sorting papers. This moistener allows me to better deal and handle paper. Before this product, I would often lick my fingers to help get that moisture. This non-greasy moistener allows me a hygienic way to keep my fingertips moist to easily handle papers.

  41. Marvelmom37

    I’m a single mom of four and using this product to go through countless papers makes it so much easier instead of licking my fingers constantly. It keeps them very moisturized and soft. I always keep it with me at all times.

  42. madznenny

    Why lick (ugh) your fingers when you can use this fabulous moisture balm? This stuff is a life saver ! Whether you are counting money or grading papers or sorting bills. It is a real time and germ saver!

  43. WenderzW

    Overall it works as it should. It takes a minute for the tackiness to form on your finger after you put some on. I find that it’s not strong enough for the tackiness to pick up thick paper but thin paper and money works well. It doesn’t work better than a wet sponge around but it is more convenient and doesn’t leave a damp streak.

  44. RicoDLC

    This is a must-have if you use your fingers for paperwork, opening plastic bags, working with money, or just about anything else you need a good finger grip for. The small size makes it easy to handle and doesn’t take up a lot of space on a desk or in a drawer. Once you try this you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

  45. Jerr22

    Received sample for free for honest review or product. Work with stacks of papers/documents and Sortkwik really makes it much easier to separate papers quickly without leaving any residue on the paperworks. A great product to use at work or home.

  46. 3lilladies

    I’m extremely happy with Sortkwik fingertip moistener. I take this to work with me daily, it really help with paperwork and dealing with stubborn bags. A little goes a long way and the small convenient container has lasted a while now.

  47. JenniJ314

    I’ve always seems these used by cashiers in the grocery store, but up until now it didn’t occur to me that I could get one for at home use! This is a really great idea for when stuffing envelopes with invitations or the thank you cards without licking your fingers. I’ve been a lot more conscious of that in the post-COVID world!

  48. Ellie2463

    With so much illness going around I’ve been concerned about wetting my fingers, especially when I’m shopping. I’ve been taking the sortkwick finger tip moistener with me when I shop. The plastic bags in the supermarket produce department are difficult to open and I’ve always used saliva on my fingers to get the bags open. With those product I just use a little on 2 fingers, rub them together and I’m able to open the bags. The small size of the container is very convenient to keep in my jacket pocket. It is also great for going through mail and my bills.

  49. Mlcp108

    This product has really helped my fingers and around my cuticles. I have issues with them getting so dry and bleeding, especially in the winter time. I would highly recommend this to anyone who also has that issue! It will help fix it

  50. B32k32

    I continue to use paper files at work. Previously had a damp paper towel to swipe when I needed to quickly flip through paper stacks. I never was a finger licker. This product is a lifesaver (paper towel saver too!) makes my job easier! No residue or skin irritation noted

  51. Afroman231

    I love using these to help me moisten my fingers to help me open up bags. I love that I can just put it into my pocket or a bag and take it anywhere if I need it. I would buy it again in the future if a coupon was available.

  52. JesseniaC

    This has definitely come in handy. Especially because I’m in the process of moving and I’ve had to go through so much paperwork. I hate licking my fingers so this has definitely helped. Everyone should have this at home.

  53. Jameso12

    This product literally is a game changer. I hate having to lick my fingers to open a page or turn the page of a newspaper, well this changes all that. One swift swipe and you’re all set. It makes it so much easier when counting money as well, we all know how dirty that is. Great product

  54. Sothykwititit77

    I love how easily this works. I’m used to licking my fingertips in order to flip thru pages in a book, but this works so much better. I’ll definitely be recommending this product to my family and friends.

  55. Elclavo55

    The Sortkwik really does work great. At first I didn’t think I had a need for it, I managed by just a quick lick on my fingers but this is so much better, as well as more sanitary. You have to let it dry to get tacky and makes quick job of office work or counting your stacks of cash!

  56. Lethalweapon

    I really like Sortkwik finger tip. It works so great with sorting money and paperwork. I spend all day with one or the other and it keeps my fingertips moist, no cracking. After the day is done it’s almost as if I had used lotion thru out the day.

  57. Troy2009

    This is a great product. It helps you grip papers so you can sort through them with ease. It also helps when you work in retail and have to count a lot of money or have a lot of plastic bags to open. You don’t have to use a lot to get the job done. One container can last you a long time. It comes in a compact container that you can easily carry everywhere with you. It doesn’t dry out your finger tips or leave a slimy residue on your fingers.

  58. pantherb

    I deal in money and papers all day and this is a must have, I carry this back and forth from home to work. I am really not sure how I worked without this. This helps so much from having to dampen your fingers continually. love it

  59. Dynci96

    I’m constantly counting money and filling papers at work and this fingertips moisturizer have made my work more manageable at the moment when I need to flip a page it’s get easily taken I would highly recommend

  60. BMJ363

    I recently received the Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener and it is definitely a great product. I do a lot of sorting and filing papers, and this allows me to separate papers easily without having to like my fingers. This gives me the grip to grab a single paper without having to put any germs in my mouth. I plan on purchasing more.

  61. Na34

    Great product works wonderfully to help as I thumb through papers at work. Safe,hygienic, no water contamination. Lasts a good amount of time on your fingers. Really great product & does what I needed it to do. Will be purchasing again and highly recommend.

  62. Tstiles99

    I love my Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener! I use to lick my finger to sort mail or thumb through my work papers which is so gross. I am so glad Sortkwik is an option. When covid hit I was struggling to do my job as quick as usual so Sortkwik saved me.

  63. Neldi

    Sortkwik fingertip moistener is great for working with money, I had our cashier use it for the day, she said it made it easier and faster to count out the bills. The container is quite small I believe it would have been better in a bigger container.

  64. ThriftyK

    This product makes it easy to turn pages or move paper. It helps me quickly page through a magazine only “grabbing” one page at a time. Sortkwik works well with all types of paper. It does not feel sticky or tacky on my fingers. It is a great product.

  65. Ksufan

    This stuff really works! When you are sorting thru tons of documents it helps glide so much easier. I don’t know what i did with out this stuff on my desk. A little goes a long way! Good helper! Sanity and finger saver

  66. KellyD

    It’s a good fingertip moistener, it leaves your finger moist enough to flip through papers. I used this during a meeting while handing out several worksheets. It kept the flow of the time taken to hand our minimized.

  67. reaann1969

    Glad I received this product. I have it right on my desk. It feels good in my fingers tips. It’s a whole lot easier when I have to sort papers. I will definitely recommend this product to friends and family.

  68. Trishers0906

    This stuff is awesome expecially this time of year. I am preparing tax papers and since its the middle of winter my skin is already chapped which makes grabing papers difficult, I used this while preping paperwork and its great!! Even with my fingers being sore already this did not hurt them at all. Will be keeping this around!!

  69. Timglass

    This is a must have in your office. I was flipping through a 1000 plus page document and it honestly dries my tongue out to moisten my finger to turn pages, not to mention so unsanitary! This product is the best, just touch my finger in it and pages turn easily. I also use it when counting money! It is so much easier and cleaner! Love this product!

  70. Alex

    I work where I have to count money and this was such a help. It really helped me count quickly and stopped the money sticking too much. It also worked well when I had to open those little plastic fruit and veggie bags in the store

  71. tapnchica

    Super easy to use and love that there’s no mess! Makes pretty much any project easy to do and is a must have for any office! No matter what kind of project you are doing, or even if it’s just for day to day use

  72. Joey8484

    Normally you would see this at stores or offices but I use this at my home office. My other half uses it when using her craft cutting machine and the small vinyl pieces are hard to grab onto. I use it when going through my office paperwork. Nice additional to the helpful tool drawer and highly recommend. Also doesn’t leave a weird feeling or have a weird smell.

  73. Bowlovingirl

    I enjoy gushing this product. It is compact but efficient when thumbing through a bunch of papers and reports. Not sticky or messy just enough tack to grab on to pages. I would recommend to anyone in an office setting to make things faster

  74. goobygirl

    I work with paper on a daily basis, often having to go through sheet after sheet to find the pages I need to edit. This fingertip moistener makes it easier and saves my fingers. It’s also great for when you are organizing a lot of paper, deciding which to keep and which to toss. I think it’s perfect for the type of work and issues I encounter.

  75. DiorfromtheD

    My fingers are so dry especially during winter. This is awesome for sorting the papers on my desk. It also works great to separate plastic bags. This brand is the original and super dependable. I recommend this

  76. HaDizzle

    I received the sortkwik fingertip moistener and it is awesome to have with me when I work my second job as a bartender. Having the finger moistener helps with separating bills when they are fresh, especially those pesky ones, this is a great product for counting large sums of money.

  77. Silvaks

    This Sortkwik fingertip moistener is wonderful. Since Covid every time I lick my fingers to separate paper I think this is so wrong. This eliminates that problem. It works very easily and a little touch works magic on paper. I also grabbed it and used it on the produce bags at the store. This worked wonderfully on them too.

  78. Sheila43

    I have gotten sortkwik finger moist. I like that it does help when you are counting money or anything that helps moisture to your fingers. It comes sealed so that way it doesn’t dry out. It a screw on lid.

  79. Aslinker1

    I got this product to help with my job. The sortkwik helped with grabbing money and opening up bags. The sortkwik did not leave my fingers greasy. It helped with separating bags. I would use this stuff all the time because it is a time and a money saver at my job.

  80. Jose919

    I started using this product because it was a little difficult to count money when it stuck together. Just a little on your finger tip goes along way very impressed with this product for this I rate this product a Perfect 5 out of 5 Stars! Thank you Sortkwik for a great product.

  81. Cissy252

    I just love this product the Sortkwik Fingertip Moisturizer is great it makes my finger tips great instead of licking all the time because they are dried out from the weather and do some knitting it just makes make fingertips so smooth and silky this works

  82. P1nkT1nk

    This fingertip moistener works wonderfully. It was used for organizing and filing school paperwork, counting money, and other misc tasks around the house. The pages / paper lifted quickly and didn’t stick together as much. My dingers were not greasy nor leave a residue on the paper. I also tries to see id it would moisen my envelopes on our Christmas cards, but it would not – not what it was meant for, but I tried. However, for it’s intended purpose, it worked great!

  83. gg13

    I got this to try instead of using a wet paper towel to open up grocery bags. You just put a little on your finger rub it in with another finger and you are ready to go. Works great while I am working and trying to get grocery bags opened up. You can set the container right on top of the lid and it secures it to the bottom. Then when your are done using it, it is easy to just put the lid back on.

  84. kikimarie93

    Sortkwik fingertip moistener makes my paper sorting so much easier! I always struggle to separate my paperwork and often mix up important documents because they stick, the sortkwik definitely helps and helps me grab one page at a time. Grading papers is also an ease.

  85. mar13

    this stuff is awesome . I love it being it helps me go through all the papers I have to flip through faster with out having to worry about paper cuts. This perfect size container for my purse. Its great for traveling no worrys.

  86. EmmaC

    This products makes it so much easier to sort through papers without licking your fingers! It is also helpful with reading books, great for my daughter who brings books home from the library. The product is not tacky and does not leave a residue. One of the BEST features is that it is made in the USA!

  87. dhall419

    I always have a hard time opening a plastic bag, I can try for a good minute, hand it to my wife and she has it open first try, so with this fingertip moistener I am able to open the bag for myself, and not have to bother her.

  88. Elizavetg29

    Last month I got sortkwik finger moisturizer.I love it keep finger moist provides better grip.Great for sorting papers files document counting money.Great for opening bags and sorting letters.Highly recommended.Has made sorting and filing and doing craft much easier.Great for turning pages when reading too.

  89. Quirkymojo

    This product has been around since I was a kid. It really does make a huge difference when you have a ton of papers to rifle through, especially magazine pages. This little jar will last forever too as you barely need to wipe any on your fingers to start gripping.

  90. AliMo

    Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener Is a must have product when you are dealing with paper products, money, and anything that tends to stick quite easily. It improves your accuracy and it speeds up processes such as counting money. The formula used in this product is non staining and maintains hygienic cleanliness! The formula is non-toxic and odorless!

  91. Coloradoivan

    Sortkwik – Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is nice. This product helps keep my fingers moisturized to help me sort through important paperwork and cash fast, effectively, and efficiently. I like that it leaves no residue behind. I would highly recommend!

  92. JULIEF71

    I was so excited to receive this product and couldn’t wait to try it out. I read alot and this is great for when I’m flipping pages. It’s also great for when I’m crafting. This doesn’t leave a mark on your books either. I highly recommend this product to any one

  93. ShellShell2

    I have really enjoyed this product! It’s small and convenient and comes in handy for moistening your fingertips when handling money at the cash register! I’ll definitely be making another purchase! Thanks!

  94. Jenzeb

    This is my favorite. It’s helpful when sorting. Money, paperwork, or bags. Without leaving a sticky residue on your fingers. I use this frequently at work. I sort and file a lot of paperwork. It was very helpful during covid to keep people from licking fingertips to geothermal papers apart.

  95. henry88

    I received the Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener to try and review. This works perfectly in the office when you have a lot of papers to go through. It’s especially helpful in the dry winter air when papercuts happen often.

  96. Pilgrim15851

    I work for in my home office a lot. I have a lot of personal and business papers, documents, etc to sort through. I need to be able to sort through all this quickly. This Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener helps with that task so much. It allows me to sort through paperwork at a much faster pace without having to lick my fingers. The pages flip easily and without getting stuck together. This product is also great for counting money. Overall, a great and very useful product!

  97. Dwidget23

    Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener works great to keep your finger moist while sorting paper. It doesn’t feel slimy and doesn’t leave residue. The lid is a bit hard to get off but the close fit also keeps the product from drying out.

  98. Jackson

    I am older and have pretty smooth finger tips so turning pages and leafing through multiple pages is sometimes difficult. The Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is easy to use and works pretty good. There were some times that it seemed I didn’t put enough on my fingers. I tried it with plain paper and glossy paper; both had the same results.

  99. ND70#

    A wonderful idea to manage paper or pages on books with ease. Cannot even tell it is on your fingertips and no residue left on anything. A great product to make life easier and to do things more quickly. Helps count money bills accurately and quickly!

  100. momof3boys

    Over the last year, My family has started the “envelope method” of saving – which requires you to handle a lot of bills when sorting your savings into the correctly labeled envelope. Traditionally, when sorting through lots of paperwork or money – I have a tendency to lick my finger to make it easier to sort. This is not a very sanitary method (especially in the C19 era) and can easily spread germs as money is typically handled by many many people before it gets to you. Sortkwik is a perfect solution to this problem; instead of licking your finger to moisten it, you simply dip it in this little pot of fingertip moistener. It works exactly the same and provides the same great grip as the other method with less germ spreading. This isn’t a product that a lot of people would think of, but it’s a definite solution to a problem. This would make a great gift for anyone who has to deal with a lot of paper work or money on a regular basis. I would recommend it.

  101. Buster

    This is definitely a more hygienic idea than licking fingers. For the longest, I used to damped a paper towel and rub my finger over that. The Fingertip Moistener has taken the place of that. Even better it doesn’t need to be re-wet, it remains moistens even after sitting out overnight. There’s also no smell at all. The lid is also replaceable for long term storage. Love this thing!

  102. Cibro039

    The SORTKWIK Fingertip Moisturizer is the greatest product . It has instructions on how to use which is simple All you do is apply on your thumb and rub your thumb and forefinger until dry .The product is Hygienic and Long lasting It is great for counting money,going through papers and my favorite is opening the plastic bags at the stores .I would most definitely recommend it

  103. Fran1123

    I work at a busy office and this product has helped me, alot with the paperwork I have to put together every day in a packet to file. It is easy to use and does not make your fingers fill sticky. And No more licking fingers is the BEST…

  104. Kevin

    This product works great for moisturizer for gripping and counting many, separating trash bags orbiting your fingers enough grip to peal off plastic seals. It has a neutral odor so that’s a positive. I would definitely recommend this product if you deal with a lot of paper.

  105. Ed72

    I have to say the Sortkwick finger product is the best. Need finger moisten without licking. Great product to use. I would highly recommend this product. I have bought this product in the past and it continues to do the job right everytime.

  106. jamesjd127

    My home office has lots of paperwork to sort through for my in home business. By using Sortwik Fingertip moistener to go through all of my endless paperwork, seems to make shuffling papers a whole lot easier. It is winter and everything seems so dry, this fingertip moistener really helps out by making it to move papers around.

  107. Babybugg

    I got this product for my boyfriend, he used it and really liked it. He also said he would recommend it to his friends and family. He was very pleased, also said it is the only product he has found that works for hi

  108. Miranda T

    I use this in my office when filing papers, preparing deposits or sending out invoices in envelopes. Really helps with dry fingertips and residue your skin collects when touching paper continuously. Doesn’t make paper oily.

  109. Selenesgrandma

    I was excited to try this product and was not let down. I like that it is unscented and how it improves my ability to sort thru papers more quickly. It doesn’t dry out and I’m very happy with it. Give it a try

  110. Sandyfox99

    I got this product a week ago. I do alot of cross stitch, and needlework. It really helps with separating my threads. I love how it makes threading a needle so much easier. I also use it when I do paperwork. I can separate papers so much easier. I will be buying more.

  111. Millie64

    I’ve been using this product for a couple weeks now, and I really like it. I use this stuff to count my money, just sort my papers and to open bags. I will be using this product forever. It’s the best stuff I’ve ever used. If you’re looking for a great product to help you count money or to open your papers, you need to get this one.

  112. Moni54

    My husband owns a machine shop and his fingers are in high demand throughout the day. This product has helped him with cracks on his fingertips. Additionally, I do all the billing and I use it to help with all the paperwork. It is not sticky and doesn’t have any unpleasant odors. We really enjoy using this product at our business.

  113. Granny5

    I really like the sortkwik fingertip moistened. It comes in handy when I’m sorting papers at school. It doesn’t have a strong smell which is very nice and doesn’t leave a really sticky residue. Very useful item

  114. Wes1

    The Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener really helps me when dealing with paperwork. I definitely notice an increase in speed and accuracy when handling paper, currency and fabric. It gives me a better grip and also means I don’t need to lick my fingers and pass on germs.

  115. HBee

    I am a personal shopper and carry this with me to use for those darn produce bags that never want to open. It’s been a total game changer. Saves me so much time so I can get in and get out faster. Highly recommend.

  116. angienovi

    I use it almost every day because it makes life easier. Going through my papers I just touch and they don’t stick. Easy to use and separate my papers when going through them. Can take on the go if needed also. Not sticky soft and silky on my fingertips. Makes everything much easier with the moisture on my fingertips.

  117. Kate89

    I have really enjoyed using this product. It is great quality and works well. I am constantly having to flip through paperwork in the office and this product comes in handy every single day. My coworkers have asked about it and want to buy it to use.

  118. Dimplez26

    I use this often at work when shuffling through papers. This saves me from having to use the rubber tips on my fingers. It keeps my finger nice and moist while working. It does not have a sticky residue after.

  119. Mike123

    Beyond amazing! It helps keep my fingers moist while also getting my work done! It’s lets me grab even the hardest papers while helping keep my fingers moistened and one small container will last a long time! Overall I’m beyond impressed!

  120. Lalu

    With the way in which our world is turning nowadays this product is a necessity for everyone to have and carry with them. I use it everywhere. When I go grocery shopping, I go to the produce section needing a plastic bag. Everyone knows what a royal pain in the rumpus it is to try and open one of those bags. Instead of my old habit of licking my fingers, I’m well prepared and reach into my purse. Pull out my Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener, problem solved! I don’t know why I never thought of using this product for my own personal daily use before. I know that it’s great when you’re counting money, but it’s great for so many other things that nowadays we take for granted when we used to lick our finger to turn a page of a book or a magazine. At the grocery store the self checkout trying to get the bag to open up. Or reaching into your wallet and pulling out money when you have to count it and those new bills stick together! I put one of these in every one of my adult children’s stocking this year for christmas. And they love it!

  121. Jackie inspires

    I never heard of figure moisturizer till I tried it. As a writer, artist, Singer, creative lover along with my husband we’re always creating things for our little shop or personal projects. I’m a fulltime student online and in my last 2 semesters . I love how you don’t need much for your fingertips and it’s not like jello or all mushy. I love how it helps be more smoke especially typing alot or working with my art. Very easy to use. Nice smell. Good texture .

  122. Ckunk21

    This product does 100% of what it supposed to do. It’s small, compact and easy to store. I work in the service industry and use it for quickly sorting through receipts at the end of the night. This is so helpful!

  123. Brenicky

    Great for counting money adding just the right amount of tackiness you need that lasts for several customers it is a great size so you can tuck it in your pocket to tack it to and from work or put it in your work drawer it lasts for a long time you just rub your finger tips on it and rub them together and they get tacky it is great

  124. Oisblessed

    This is something you don’t think about until you need it but now that I have it, glad that it’s in my presence because it’s so helpful. Even at the grocery store with those pesky veggie bags that are hard to get into. Grateful to have this at church as well for assistance with counting the financial offerings.

  125. Sharono337

    I got the Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener about a week ago and it coincided with the start of a new work assignment fortunately for me. The amount of paperwork that I deal with doing payroll for a construction company makes the fingertip moistener such an asset. I always try to keep some in my desk at my work and my home office and usually succeed. After I moisten my fingers – if I keep rubbing them together to prevent leaving any prints on my papers. I have and will continue to recommended to friends and family!

  126. Anw2008

    Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is a must have for anyone working with papers or money. I’ve used this in a number of different jobs over the years and it makes sorting and counting a breeze. No more licking your fingers when pages stick together. I enjoy the size of the container as they are easy to store in my desk drawer.

  127. Deweyxiii

    I really enjoy used Sortwik. I have worked in an office environment and used it for years and will continue to do so. Best product to get a good grip on all your paperwork. Doesn’t leave any residue on your fingers either

  128. wemake7

    I am so glad I learned of this product and wish I had gotten it a long time ago! It is so easy to use, and I love that it is odorless and doesn’t stain. It has been so helpful when dealing with large amounts of papers that I go through and the counting of cash. Really glad I can use this instead of licking my fingers!

  129. EJ 1954

    I love using this instead of licking my fingers. Much cleaner way of doing things. Feels good on your finger not greasy. Very smooth feeling. Using this your not getting someone’s germs. I recommend everyone use this instead of licking fingers.

  130. Sissy Bug

    I know a lot of people use fingertip moistener in banks but I use it when sewing. I use it to tie a knot in the thread when I am sewing something by hand. I also use it when threading my machine. It makes it easier to get the thread through the needle hole. This is a very useful product for many different things.

  131. jy219

    I’m glad that I no longer have to lick my fingers whenever I need to moisten them to open a bag or grab sheets of papers. The cap was a little tight and tricky to open at first, but it doesn’t seem that way anymore.

  132. TamikaR

    Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is scentless, hygienic and good quality. It makes it easier to sort through papers, currency and open or separate plastic bags. Like when you’re in a hurry to bag your produce at the market, but can’t get the produce bag to separate and open. Sortwick isn’t sticky, nor does it stain. It’s a cool alternative to licking your fingers. Apply it to your fingertips then rub it in and get to work. In texture it’s kind of firm like butter or frozen gel, but is soft and moist in the hands. It’s lightweight, easy to open and travel with. I use it for money counting and to avoid struggling with produce bags at the market.

  133. Gr8gelena

    My Review for Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is very easy its a great product for anyone working in the office. If you always using your fingers to count and make copies… Finally i found something that makes my fingertips so, so moist and less dry…

  134. Nov1

    I have really enjoyed using this product. It is heavy duty in gripping pages, scented free, no smears and no mess especially residue on my fingers. I am happy with this product. And make this as my go to for turning pages and plastic bag opening.

  135. Melissacap21

    This fingertip moisturizer is sooooo great if your constantly sorting any kind of paper. Easy to apply and it dries quick so you can get to work. The product seems to last awhile before you need to reapply. Doesn’t leave fingers oily and doesn’t leave residue on paper even the thinnest delicate paper, my favorite product I’ve found so far and there’s plenty of product to last you a looooong time!

  136. Spoiledrtn

    I got this to help with sorting papers. I have really dry skin this time of year and sorting through tons of papers daily really takes a toll on my fingers. This product is easy to use, doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy, doesn’t leave residue on the papers you touch and has no smell. The product also helped in gripping the papers as well. Definitely getting this again!

  137. Niyalove

    This Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is amazing. When every you need something to moisturiz your finger this is the one you should use. It’s easy to apply to your hands, it’s amazing got to get more in the future for my whole family. Loved it!!!!

  138. KL27

    It’s nice slim packaging so it’s easy to store in a desk. I find it works just fine, adds a little moisture for some grip on the papers. I also like the pink color, it’s pretty pleasing. Overall would be good for folks dealing with paper

  139. kandychild1

    SORTKWIK fingertip moistener is non greasy,hygienic anti-microproperties,long lasting,odorless,when using has a powerful grip,The container has adhesive to stick to a countertop.It is for counting,filing,and sorting.

  140. Cheese

    I appreciate products that work + make my life easier and SORTKWIK delivers. During my daily job routine I am constantly sorting through mail, large paper files and stacks of brochures. I find keeping some SORTKWIK available helps me to keep my fingers from getting dry. I simply run my fingers through the SORTKWIK container and I am able to flip through hundreds of papers with ease and not get any paper cuts in the process. A little goes a long way and the cost is minimal. I highly recommend you give SORTKWIK a try because licking your fingers is just not an acceptable option.

  141. Jnensnsbdnd

    I used this product to separate papers and really liked it. WY better than licking fingers and separating papers, and also it did not leave my fingers feeling greasy or anything, which I was worried about.

  142. dedee

    upon receiving and trying this product I ordered more! if you work with money or lots of paper this item is a must have! no more licking your fingers, just simply rub this pad and go! makes counting money and or flipping pages a breeze.

  143. BarbaraKB

    I shuffle a lot of papers and money and some days are harder than others in my fingers! This fingertip moistener works fantastic for being able to shuffle through my papers for work. It also helps me with counting out paper money.. especially those new bills! I like that it is odorless and that the moistener does no leave any marks on paper or money!. You don’t need to use very much and the container will last awhile!!

  144. bgcomo

    If you’re looking for a wet fingertip, look no further. The Sortkwik – Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is great at your desk or in your briefcase, easy to use and no mess. I’m glad I’ve got this in the mix.

  145. IVY143

    Sortkwik Fingertip moisturizer is great if you work with a lot of paperwork. It makes it so much easier to separate and pick up papers. I like the soft feeling of my fingers after using it. I would definitely recommend this product and plan on getting more.

  146. lyc70

    This fingertip moistener is great. I keeps you from having to lick your fingers when separating papers or counting money. The small disc can last for a long time too. This is a great product for those who work with paper a lot!

  147. Ariyon

    I really do love this because i don’t like having to lick my finger to turn a page. Especially trash bags and the bags at a store where you can put fruit in them. It seems so unsanitary because you don’t know who’s hands been on the bags before me

  148. Shrews

    I have been needing this for a long time now. I used to use a wet paper towel but that would dry up fast. This last a long time and helps me get through all the useless paperwork my coworkers create for me! I wish I would have found this a lot sooner. It definitely makes my job a lot easier! Definitely give it a try!

  149. Zil O

    I have always seen this type of product, however I have never tried them until now. WOW! This really helps!! I am working with a lot of paper now and going through them has become very frustrating until now! This is a must at work!

  150. MissFee

    I received this product free in exchange for my honest reviews. Sortkwik is so convient and easy to use. I think people who counts money(bank teller) often will love this product. It lasts long and it’s very affordable.

  151. DrMango

    My fingers are so dry especially during winter. This is awesome for sorting the papers on my desk. It also works great to separate plastic bags. This brand is the original and super dependable. I recommend this

  152. tped12

    I deal with a lot of paperwork at my office and I only ever saw these fingertip moisteners in movies, but getting one for myself really helped understand why they’re popular! They are great for helping me flip through my files and they don’t leave a residue on my finger like I thought they would! It’s worth it if you have tons of paperwork that you sort through on a regular basis.

  153. Gus777

    Here’s a great hack for you….I take it to the grocery store and use it for those produce bags that never want to open….it much more sanitary than sticking my fingers in my mouth for each bag!!! Works great!

  154. Sharon7688823

    This fingertip moistener works wonders! Just a little bit on your finger tips and filing through documents, even opening those pesky produce bags at the grocery stores, is a breeze! I make sure I never run out of this stuff and buy the sortkwik brand every time due to the consistency in the product. You cannot beat the Sortkwik fingertip moistener!

  155. Crystalcat2020

    I have a hard time turning pages but the sortkwik fingertip it’s a lot easier and I don’t have to spread germs. It wipes off easily and doesn’t make any stains. The color is a pretty pink and it doesn’t have any scent.

  156. Becki

    It really works. I really like using this product especially when trying to get papers separated from other papers. I will use this every time the papers get to difficult to separate from other papers.

  157. {name}

    I never really utilized anything like this before, but now that I have i know any paperwork and money counting that I do i will gladly use this product! It helped speed up the time it normally takes for me to file documents and count cash without having to constantly lick my fingers.

  158. Ritzzzz

    This product is by far one of the best products I have ever used in regards to a fingertip moistened! Don’t believe me? Go ahead and give it a try! Trust me you won’t disappointed!! It’s hygienic and long lasting! What’s not to like about this product?!

  159. Jpetrini88

    I use a lot of paper at my job and was so glad to try this fingertip moistener. It is so much better than constantly licking my fingers, especially with all of the viruses going around. This is a much better solution than that! It works great and does the job.

  160. Tap Tap

    This is the product I never knew I needed. I have this at my office and use it so much more than I ever would have thought. It works great fro flipping through pages which I still have at work. Great alt to licking your fingers.

  161. Bill101

    The Sortkwik fingertip moistener is a great product to use to get a better grip when counting money or separating paper pages. It is easy to apply to your thumb and forefinger and let dry to use. This is a helpful product made in the USA.

  162. Roxnjust

    This works great to moisten your fingers when counting money or going thru a bunch of papers. It makes it easier for me to count the momey faster and it doesn’t dry out my fingertips. This is a must for anyone that works with money!!

  163. Jmdy78

    This fingertip moistener is a huge help when I am going through and working on my paperwork. I never like licking the tips of my fingers to go through paper so this definitely helps to be more sanitary and efficient in my work. The moistener is the perfect consistency, it is easy to apply to your fingertips while not being overly soft and getting too much product at one time. I am very happy with this product.!

  164. Br3ulc4e

    My wife uses these fingertip moisteners at her job and she likes them they work great. She uses them to count money and she also uses them to go through documents. I would recommend if you have to go through alot if paper.

  165. tryitchelsk

    I am completely satisfied with this fingertip moistener. It does exactly what it is supposed to with loo harsh smell and does not leave any buildup or residue on paper. This will be very helpful with the upcoming tax season. The container is perfect to keep it fresh for a long time. I would rate 5-5.

  166. Kimz

    Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is the best. Put a little on your fingers before counting money at a cash register and you never have to worry about miscounting. Being a business owner this product is a must need.

  167. Jeffc7176

    I got this product a few days ago and it does exactly what it’s made for. I recently, took a side job, stuffing envelopes. I hated to keep licking my fingers, repeatedly. With this product it keeps your fingers moist and you have great grip. I highly recommend this product.

  168. Bevvy1

    The product works great! It does exactly what it is meant to do. Quick and easy, just rub some on your fingers and flip pages. I read the Newspaper every single day, and this keeps me from crumpling pages trying to separate the ones that get stuck. Very handy product.

  169. gayle69

    This is a great product! It is very easy to use and it is small enough to carry in my purse when I go to the grocery store. I have always had so much trouble opening the plastic bags they have for produce. Now I just put a dab on my finger and I can easily open them. I have done some filing at home with my paperwork and have had trouble sorting my papers. Now with just a little on my finger I can easily flip through my papers much faster. There are so many uses for this. I just love having it around the house. I highly recommend it.

  170. Aluce

    I like to have this little thing on my desk! It can be really annoying to deal with hundreds of pages at work during the day, but with the help of this fingertip moistener you can go through documents and paperwork very easy and fast.​ It adds moisture but is not greasy and doesn’t smell. It’s clean, easy to use and works great!

  171. Tforand

    I do administrative work so I’m always working with a lot of paper on a daily basis. This fingertip moistener helped me flip through the pages without having to worry about germs that come from licking and touching various documents with my hands.

  172. Margarita

    This is a brilliant invention, don’t know how I lived without it. It’s absolutely perfect for sorting papers, or reading a book, sure beats the old school method. It’s not greasy and doesn’t leave any residue, or stain the paper, so I am definitely repurchasing this when I run out.

  173. Jbeard25j

    I work for the post office and this Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener really helps me sort through the letters easily and quickly. It helps me have a better grip for more accurate sorting and I can quickly finish my work. This Sortkwik fingertip moistener is perfect for anyone that handles paper, currency and fabric. This is an odorless formula so there is so bad smell and it won’t stain skin, paper or clothes so you don’t have to worry about that. I am very happy with this product and it is perfect for my needs. I would definitely recommend it if you need a product like this.

  174. Dee937

    As an office worker, I really appreciate this product and it great to have on the go especially working with paper work every day. I had wish I had this way before when I started the new job but now I so get it why most people have it

  175. Tattedrebel

    I love it! Especially it is in a small container as well. It works amazing especially with plastic bags. I use this all the time at work because the plastic bags are stubborn. I highly recommend anyone to try this.

  176. Shelzie49203

    I have seen bank tellers and grocery stores use this product. I had never used it. I count money all day, every day at my job. With this product, it makes counting money a breeze. You just dip your hands in there, and you can grip so much better. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue on fingers or even plastic bags.

  177. Wagarific918

    I received Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener to use. I love that this is little and able to be taken anywhere. I used it to sort through a billion papers at home as well as for sorting cash. It kept my fingers moist and able to sort through things quickly.

  178. sahoya

    I homeschool my children and this finger moistener really helps my separate their paper work without needing to keep licking my fingers. It makes it tacky yet not sticky like candy feels. It also didn’t leave any stains in the papers which was a huge plus. We will be getting more!

  179. Jago

    In any line of work where paper shuffling is a must, SORTKWIK is my # 1 recommendation. Orderless, greaseless and simple to use. I especially like that it does not dry out. It takes so little to give me a good grip on going through a large amount of papers to seperate. I even love using SORTKWIK when I am reading a book.Great product!

  180. Angel G

    I recently got this Sortkwik fingertip moistener by Sortkwik and it has exceeded my expectations. Sortkwik is a fingertip moisturizer that helps you sort pages so you don’t have to lick your fingers. I personally never licked my fingers but would resort to using my hand sanitizer whenever I had trouble turning pages, which sometimes discolored the paper. At first glance Sortkwik looked oily and I was concerned about it leaving potential stains too, but to my surprise it did not leave any residue on my papers nor my phone when I touched my screen right after flipping through a book. This works exceptionally well on magazine pages, book pages, mail, and yes opening bags too! I was very impressed and would highly recommend getting this!

  181. DustyLynn

    SortKwik works great! Especially if you’re in office work. Sorting papers can be challenging on your fingertips. This product brings back the moisture to your fingertips. It gives you a great grip to be able to grab the papers easier!

  182. Maurdaly

    This product works as it is made to work. It moistens your fingertips so that you can seamlessly sift through paper or money. It does not have a strong smell or a goopy feel. I would recommend this product.

  183. ghagars

    I’m a teacher and some days I struggle to get papers apart to pass out and to grade. I got this because I remember my teachers having something like it when I was in school. It’s great! It’s not greasy or drying.

  184. Gigi

    I’ll be honest at first I was a little hesitant about using this product I’ve never heard of it before but after using it for a few weeks it has made my fingertips so soft and back to normal. I am so happy seriously never judge a book by its cover I have never heard of this product before so like I said I was hesitant but I am so happy I used it. I am so pleased with the results that I will be purchasing this again it really did wonders for my cracked fingers, I am constantly washing bottles and washing my hands and washing my kids hands and faces and then going out to the cold and my fingers are always becoming chapped and I hate that feeling soooo much and they really hurt bad, I am happy are you it’s really didn’t bring my fingers back to life

  185. nlb1125

    I homeschool my kids. Their workbooks have thick papers that are hard to turn the pages. I have been using Sortwik Finger Moistener and it has helped a lot. It is small so it fits in their pencil case.

  186. Gameface1

    I bought this product to try for my wife. After a few days of use, she likes how they make her fingers feel. The moisturizer keeps her hands nice and soft. This will definitely be something that she will continue to use.

  187. Ronnie

    I have dry hands which make it difficult to separate paper or plastic bags. Licking fingers to open a plastic bag is a major No-No these days of serious and deadly infections disease and viruses. This product eliminates all of that. A tiny amount on the fingertips works better than imagined.

  188. BigDog34

    I have to go through a lot of paperwork for work and this has helped tremendously the papers from sticking to each other. It also saved me the gross task of licking my finger. My husband works with cash and this has definitely helped him as well.

  189. kimmiekeebler

    Sortkwik is a great product. I’m always sorting through papers for work and this product is great for keeping my fingertips moistened in order to flip through my papers quickly and easily. It also helps give my fingers a little bit of a coating to keep from getting paper cuts so easy.

  190. joceshell

    This stuff will make life so much easier!! It really works great, and best of all people don’t have to lick their fingers. It works great for separating plastic bags especially if you work in retail. It’s also great for working with paper in an office.

  191. bob27

    i love having this product on hand in my room! as a teacher it is amazing for handing out papers and grading things. i no longer have to lick my fingers and worry about germs. it is affordable and doesnt conflict with my sensitive skin.

  192. {{name}}

    We go thru so much paper and count checks, so this is a must have. I’ve used this incorrectly before and once I read the instructions, I had no problems with non grip fingers. If you don’t like wearing a plastic finger to count, lick your fingers, this is perfect. Other companies I’ve worked for had this to use and seeing others use it and go thru paper quickly, amazed me.

  193. AmyB

    It works great, does exactly what it is supposed to do. If you don’t have a texture issue I recommend this product. I however do not like the texture. It’s not exactly sticky or slimy, but somewhere in between. Literally the only thing bad I have to say about it though. It does work great though!

  194. Maqqiee760

    Works perfectly i used it to file documents . Makes my job more easier and do it faster. Works great! Nice size i can carry and have it on my scrub pocket. Its lightweight not heavy at all. Its just perfect and only need a lol to work on your fingers.

  195. Chryss

    Upon receiving this product, I gave it to my mother to try out because she deals with paperwork more than I. She absolutely loved it! According to her, it helped her sort through the different pages of work that she had. Best of all it left no sticky residue on her fingers, nor did it have a horrible smell to leave behind!

  196. EL2023

    I received this sample in exchange for my honest opinion. The Sortwick Fingertip Moistener was a great way to sort through my files paperwork. I used it at work. I used just a little on my fingertips. It was not tacky and easy to rub into the fingertips. The product provided enough moisture to make it easier to sort the sheets of paper. I would recommend it for those who deal with a lot of paperwork, money or things such as these at work or home.

  197. SmallAquarius

    This stuff works well and lasts a while. Highly recommended. We just did our annual inventory cycle counts at my employer. I used Sortkwik to rifle through thousands of papers every day. The moistener is clean and non-greasy on the fingers. No wetness or residue on the papers. Had an easy time flipping through pages. Sortkwik made a really effective product.

  198. Christie B

    I have really appreciated using this product. It works well in moisturizing my fingertips when I am bagging groceries. I hate that the plastic bags do not want to open, and since COVID you don’t lick your fingers to get the bag open anymore. It doesn’t stain your fingers or even your clothes. I keep it in my purse and the lid stays on good. I haven’t had problems of it opening up.

  199. rld1999

    This is a great product to use when shuffling and sorting paperwork. It does not leave my fingers feeling greasy, but they still grip and glide over a stack of things to sort through. They do not leave me feeling dried out, but soft and supple. Great product!

  200. Lizann87

    I love the Sortkwick Fingertip moistener!!! I make blankets and different things. I use this when I’m dealing with material. It makes dealing with the fabric so much easier. I’m in love with this product. I will continue to use this for anytime I’m dealing with fabric.

  201. Kimberlya1228

    This is great in my office. It makes sorting through papers and mailing out documents a breeze. Not sticky, and lasts a long time. It has cut down on my frustration levels and makes my day go smoother!

  202. Tomtommy

    Sortkwik – Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener works really great. This moisturizer for finger tips helps moisturizes my dry finger tips so when I have to complete import tasks like sorting through paper work it helps keep things moving along quickly making filing easier and faster! I would recommend!

  203. busy

    I was surprised how well this works! It’s very good when used with opening plastic bags and counting & sorting papers/money. The only complaint I have is that when it is warmer outside, my finger tends to pick up TOO much of the material and its a little greasy.

  204. LovelyB79

    So I got this about 2 months Sortkwik – Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener. It works amazing especially with all the paper work I do in a day. It’s makes it easy with grabbing paper and when counting money when it’s new bills they stick together and Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener helps with separating the bills.

  205. dusty3

    Make sure you do not over do the amount of product on your Fingers works really well whenever you’re done with paper and/or money I used it a lot whenever I was working on paper contracts to move from one contract to the next so you don’t like lick your fingers in today’s society with covid and everything this product is the perfect product for businesses so that you’re always able to keep your fingers moist but move from 1 piece of paper to the next whether you’re counting money or doing paperwork That’s perfect.

  206. sandra77

    Works great. Really convenient and easy to use. Such a nice help when I’m sorting through paperwork for my class. I recommend this to everyone – just keep one in your desk to grab when you need it. Great product.

  207. {{name}}

    The Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is a fantastic tool for anyone who must regularly sort through a lot of paper. The hydrating substance prevents fingers from drying out, alleviating pain and possible paper cuts and facilitating a more effective sorting procedure. I love that its small size makes it simple to carry in a pocket or purse. I must admit; it’s come in QUITE handy this tax season.

  208. Cherrylanne1966

    I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It doesn’t make your fingers feel greasy and it makes sorting money, separating bads, sifting through contracts, etc. a breeze. I cannot recommend this product enough.

  209. Havens mommy

    I was recently at the DMV and saw they had they at each window for people going through paperwork. I work in an office and thought might be something we need. So glad I did! We go through so much paperwork, I didn’t realize how convenient this was until I got it. Especially since COVID and working with multiple people, if papers stick don’t put your hands in your mouth, gross! Use this finger moisturizer, so glad I gave it a shot.

  210. jonilosmom

    Sortkwik is an excellent product that does its job and does it very well. From counting money to turning magazine or book pages, this works. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is need of a product like this.

  211. Katie V

    I really enjoyed getting to try out this fingertip moisturizer, it really helped saved my tongue sending out my holiday cards. This product is small and compact, east to store or stow away. The stickiness was adequate and got the job done. No overly harsh residue is left behind on your fingers afterward. I would highly suggest this product to anyone who deals with or seals envelopes

  212. hoch82

    The Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is perfect for helping me get all my paperwork done. As a teacher, I have a lot of papers to go through, sort, file, and hand back. The Sortkwik makes is so much easier.

  213. javajane

    I received this Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener for my honest review. First off, it is a small container, but more than enough to last a good while. It is easy to use and helps get the job done. Works great for sorting papers, or coupons.

  214. Tays

    I do accounting for my business so this product really comes in handy for all the paperwork I have to deal with constantly. It makes my fingertips feel smooth and makes it to wear my fingertips don’t get rough from all the papers. Would be great for teachers, etc.

  215. Sea435

    Sortkwik fingertip moistener is a must have for any office. Accountant here. Whenever the tax season begins and paperwork starts flowing, you want to make sure you have some of this on hand. Makes flipping through pages so much easier.

  216. The Saw

    I think that the Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is a really great product. It actually has many different uses. Yes it is great at helping you get through a pile of papers, especially if you are looking for an invoice you need. I can get through a whole pile without problem now but we use this all the time when we are playing cards. We used to have a lot of people licking their fingers to try and pick up a card. This completely eliminates that. Makes card playing go very smooth. It’s not greasy and doesn’t leave any residue behind. I VERY much recommend for everyone to get this product and stock up.

  217. gambit2023

    I really enjoyed this product and it came at the perfect time. I was able to send out birthday invitations without having to lick the envelopes. I also don’t have to swipe my finger through it often. The product started for well over five envelopes or more before I had to reapply it again to my fingertips.

  218. Sofia K

    This product is super helpful if you have lots of papers to sort through. I also found it useful when reading through books where pages get kinda stuck together or just general page flipping. It’s also really nice because it doesn’t leave behind any residue.

  219. BrookeJ81

    This works wonderfully! I love that I can rub it into my fingers and I get better grip on papers. it is especially useful in the office when we have big mail days and has definitely helped me get less papercuts

  220. De100

    I love this fingertip moistener. It works really well on fingering through paper, separating or counting new crisp paper money, ect… It doesn’t leave spots on paper or a sticky residue on your fingers. It’s absolutely great!

  221. Jms425

    This is a product that my husband remembers from his younger days and this was very new to me. It does exactly what it claims it does. It moistens and created a super thin layer that acts as a barrier in keeping your skin nice and protected.

  222. Butterflyqween89

    This is a great item to keep in my office on my desk. We tend to deal with lost of papers and money and this helps alot. Since covid licking my index finger Is considered a no no. This Sortkwik fingertip Moistener help me work through papers in a timely manner. I keep this little baby on my desk in easy reach.

  223. Debs

    I have used this product in the past handling cash. Works well, wipes off clean and doesn’t get sticky. Use it to turn pages, open pamphlets and counting cash. I will continue using in the future and highly recommend this product.

  224. Biker Mama

    I have not had a whole lot of experience with other fingertip moistener brands but this seems to be pretty great. I did not feel any residue left on my fingers after using it. Also, I felt like I got a better grip using this instead of just licking my fingers

  225. Doug M

    My office staff really enjoys using Sortwik fingertip moisteners. Very helpful counting money or handling paperwork. It’s long-lasting, easy to open and use. Anti-bacterial, nontoxic and leaves no fingerprints or residue on documents.

  226. Blueberry

    I love this fingertip moistener to count money, to look through papers. It’s very soft cream and is not sticky or smells. This is great for jobs or at home too. It’s a good product I highly recommend it

  227. Cjs1960

    I really like the Sortkwik fingertip moistener, now instead of licking my fingertips I have something better.. This was my first experience with a fingertip moistener and I must say it makes it alot easier if you have alot of papers to go through.

  228. summerb

    This has been a huge help since I deal with papers daily at work. My finger tips tend to get dry and cannot always move quickly with them. This moistener definitely helps with this and will continue to purchase. Definitely recommend!

  229. Ej1027

    I use this for fingering through thank you cards I need to sign. Much better than licking my finger, and a lot more sanitary. The product doesn’t leave any residue on the cards or my fingers. I highly recommend it!

  230. Lokita2177

    Received Sortkwik Fingertip Moistened for testing and reviewing purposes. Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener is scentless, hygienic and good quality. It makes it easier to sort through papers, currency and open or separate plastic bags. Sortwick isn’t sticky, nor does it stain. It’s a cool alternative to licking your fingers. Apply it to your fingertips then rub it in and get to work. In texture it’s kind of firm like butter or frozen gel, but is soft and moist in the hands. It’s lightweight, easy to open and travel with. Its handy to have around when you need it. I highly recommend.

  231. Pumkim

    Finally had the chance to try the product and it works really well I have already purchased 2 more as I work from home stuffing envelopes so this product really helped out alot thank you so much I will definitely fefer to family and friends

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