Lee Products Company has manufactured and distributed high-quality office supply products since 1953. Our wide range of products have always been and will continue to be developed and constructed with consumers' needs in mind. That means creating innovative products aimed at multiple industries that are practical, durable and environmentally responsible.

Counting & Sorting

Get a firm grip on the task at hand. Our counting & sorting products assist everyone from bankers to administrative assistants to checkout tellers and beyond. From enhanced grips for handling materials to storage and dispensing units for organizing materials, our products make it easy to do it all.
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This world can be messy, so we've got the products to help clean it up. Everything from glue and sticker residue to messy inks. Our products are specially formulated to clean quickly, safely and gently making clean-up time less of a chore.
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We place a great deal of emphasis on products that help students at all levels become more engaged and organized. We believe people never stop learning, so we never stop trying to help.
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Here you'll find products that help with everything from specialized tasks to everyday chores.
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